Our cakes & desserts are created from fresh quality ingredients like real butter, pure vanilla, fresh eggs, dark chocolate & fresh seasonal fruits, berries & herbs.  

Classic Layer Cakes – 9” starting at $55.00                    To place your order call 832-781-0101  

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake: Rich, dark & moist this cake uses real mayonnaise instead of eggs & oil. Delicious frosted with Chocolate or Cream Cheese frosting. 
White Velvet: Smooth as velvet vanilla cake with a touch of sour cream, also called Wedding Cake. 
Hummingbird: Fresh banana, pineapple & coconut, frosted with cream cheese frosting make the hummingbird cake a southern favorite. 
Peanut Butter Cake: Creamy peanut butter is found both inside & as frosting in this ultra rich cake. Add a filling of raspberry jam for a kid favorite cake. 
Southern Coconut Cream: Southern coconut cake rich, dense & chewy, frosted with cream cheese frosting. 
Red Velvet: Another Southern favorite, ours is buttery, moist & delicious with classic cream cheese frosting. 
Lemon Blossom: Bright lemon zest brings zing to this moist cake with Buttercream frosting. 
Classic Yellow Cake: AKA, Birthday cake. Chocolate frosting makes it reason to celebrate. 
Banana Buttermilk: Fresh bananas, silky buttermilk make this layer cake rich & moist. 
Pumpkin Spice: Sweet, spicy & moist.

Gourmet Layer Cakes – 9” starting at $85.00            To place your order call 832-781-0101

Orange & White Chocolate Layer Cake: Moist layers of vanilla & orange scented cake with white chocolate frosting. 
Strawberry Dream: Another seasonal favorite with pureed fresh strawberries & strawberry cream frosting. 
Carrot Cake: This moist & wonderful classic is studded with pineapple, coconut, & fresh cranberries for a notch above the rest cake. Frosted with cream cheese frosting. 
Key Lime Cake: Citrus, sweet & refreshing just like the pie. 
Cappuccino: A good shot of espresso & Mocha frosting is a lively pick me up dessert. 
Pink Champagne: A splash of the bubbly makes this cake moist & festive with champagne frosting. 
Strawberry Shortcake Cake: A spring & summer staple with layers of fresh strawberries, vanilla sponge cake & whipped cream frosting. 
German Chocolate Cake: Traditionally topped, with coconut, pecans & caramel. 
Italian Cream Cake: The toast of Italy, this cake is rich with vanilla, coconut & pecans. 
Chocolate Coconut: Melted dark chocolate kicks up the flavor in this rich & chewy coconut cake, frosted with cream cheese & drizzled with dark chocolate. 
Lemon Blueberry: Baked only when blueberries are ripe & juicy, the perfect combination of tart fresh lemon & luscious blueberries, frosted with cream cheese frosting. 
Pina Colada: Named after the cocktail moist coconut & juicy pineapple make a refreshing after dinner dessert or special occasion cake. 
White Velvet: Smooth as velvet white cake frosted with Cream Cheese icing. 
Mocha Marble Cake: Classic marble cake with Mocha filling & chocolate frosting. 

Two-day notice is appreciated for most cake orders. 
To place your order call 832-781-0101