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Where is Ebony Eyes Soul Food & Catering located?

Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering operates in-house at various locations around the Houston area,  as the number one chosen wedding caterer. Office visits can be scheduled and are by appointment only.

Does Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering travel?

Yes. Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering is fully licensed, insured, and equipped to handle events at any venue in Harris and surrounding counties where outside caterers are permitted. We also provide service to private residences, outdoor events, and places of business. Additional charges may apply. Please contact us today with your event details, for more specific information. TO BOOK AN EVENT CALL 832-781-0101

How can I secure my event date with Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering?

Catered events are booked on a first come, first served basis. We are unable to place a temporary hold on any date(s). To firmly secure your event date with us, and ensure our availability, a signed catering contract and $200.00 deposit are required. Deposits are deducted from final costs. Weekend event dates are in high demand and book extremely quick — up to one year in advance. For wedding dates in particular, we suggest securing your date with a contract and deposit to guarantee availability, as early on in the planning process as possible.

I've found a caterer who charges less than Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering. Why should I pay more?

Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering has built its reputation on offering an uncompromising level of quality cuisine and service to each of our clients, with each event that we serve. In order to provide our clients and their guests with the most satisfying experience, there are certain shortcuts in quality and service you may find elsewhere, that we are simply unwilling to take. When comparing caterers, it is important to be sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Our high value catering packages will already include everything your event requires, without the need for unnecessary and costly add-ons. Our goal is to ease your planning process — not complicate it.

Does Ebony Eyes Soul Food Events Catering offer tastings?

Yes. Due to high demand and maintaining an extremely full catering schedule, complimentary private tastings from our award winning menu are exclusively available to booked bridal clients only, and are designed to provide a strong sense of the level of quality and flavors our catering service will offer you. Private tastings are available Monday-Friday by appointment only, subject to availability.

Booked bridal clients have firmly secured their date with us by submitting a signed contract and $500.00 date deposit.

For private tastings we are able to accommodate up to two (2) guests total and offer your choice of:

  • Two Entrées
  • Two Starches
  • Two Vegetables

Each guest (up to two total) will receive two plates, both consisting of one entrée, one starch, and one vegetable from the two selections chosen in each category. Hors d'oeuvre, salad, dessert, and some entrée selections are unavailable for private tastings. Since we prepare our catering menu items fresh to order, we unfortunately do not keep certain ingredients on hand day to day for small batch or individual orders. Private tasting appointments subject to availability.

Private tastings are available upon request for two guests. A service fee will be required. Accommodations are dependent upon availability of fresh ingredients. 

Tastings for clients who have not booked with Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering will be charged a fee of $10.00 per person, up to four persons. Paid one week in advance. If the client decide to book with Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering by signing catering contract and paying $500.00 deposit, fees with be deducted from catering contract total.

What is it going to cost for Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering to cater my event?

The pricing for casual catering orders is very straightforward and can be calculated directly from our catering menus (plus 10-15% service charge and 8.25% tax if applicable). Formal catering service requires a bit more information to determine accurate pricing. This is based on the number of guests, menu, venue, staff, and any rentals that may be necessary. Please contact us today to arrange your next formal catered event. 

TO BOOK AN EVENT CALL 832-781-0101

Will there be any extra fees or charges added to my catering order?

An 10-15% service charge is added to your final investment to ensure superior service. This offsets the costs of maintaining a trained and professional staff, fuel, credit card payments, and other expenses involved in providing you with the highest level of service possible, including fluctuations in ingredient costs, so that we can maintain consistent pricing on our menus in order to ease your planning process. Catering orders are also subject to a 8.25% Texas state sales tax, if applicable. Proper documentation will be required for all entities claiming tax exempt status. Additional charges may apply for rush orders, custom orders, client requested rental items, upgrades, premium menu selections, enhanced services, mileage, or offsite catering related charges. No additional fees or charges will appear on your final invoice, unless previously discussed and fully disclosed to you, as our valued client.

The venue for my event has a per guest catering fee. Do I have to pay this or does my caterer?

All venue fees, including but not limited to catering fees, room rental, equipment rental, etc. are the full responsibility of the client hosting the event, and not the caterer. Required fees will either be billed directly to the client by the venue, or by Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering as your caterer, and then paid to the venue.

Will my order be delivered or can I pick it up?

Delivery is included for all catering orders within Harris county city limits, unless otherwise specified. However, you may also choose to pick up your order. A 8.25% Texas state sales tax may apply, and an 10-15% service charge is added to your final investment, ensuring superior service. Deliveries outside of Harris county are subject to a round-trip mileage charge of $0.59 per mile. Additional off-site catering charges may apply.

Is there a minimum amount of food I have to order?

Dollar amount and/or guest minimums are noted on each of our catering menus. This represents the minimum charge for placing an order from that specific menu.

My group size is smaller than the stated order minimum size. Can I still place a catering order?

If your group size is less than the stated minimum, the per guest investment will be increased by the difference, in order to reach the minimum charge for that specific menu. For example, you may order 10 box lunches, but the investment will be equivalent to the minimum order size of 12 box lunches.

Is a catering contract required?

The need for a catering contract will depend on the nature of your event, as well as other factors. A deposit may also be required to reserve your date. This goes towards procuring ingredients, consultations, staffing, and other costs incurred by Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering, leading up to your event and during your event.

How far in advance do I need to place my order or book my event?

Casual, social, or full-service catering orders placed with less than one (1) full business days advance notice are subject to availability, and an additional 10% service charge. This includes any changes or modifications to existing orders.

Box lunch orders must be placed a minimum one (1) full business days in advance. This includes any changes or modifications to existing orders.

Full-service catering events require much more advance notice in order to secure your date, select a menu, finalize your contract, etc. The further in advance Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering is contacted about catering your special event, the better we will be able to fully accommodate your needs.

Can I pay using a credit card or business check?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and do not charge an additional fee for payments made by credit card. Business checks are also accepted. Payment must be made in advance for either method.

Can I pay using a purchase order?

Yes. Some groups require the use of a purchase order system to pay vendors. Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering will provide you with an invoice as soon as your order is finalized. Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering must receive a purchase order number prior to your order delivery or catered event, to ensure timely processing and prompt payment.

Can I make changes to my order even after it has been finalized?

To provide the most superior service possible, requested changes for non-contract orders made with less than 24 hours notice cannot be guaranteed.

For larger, contracted events, the terms of your catering agreement will outline new changes and additional charges... time permitted, of course. 

Also, changes can only be made available according to vendor policies.

What if I need to cancel my catering order?

Confirmed, non-contract orders may be cancelled in writing, with 72 hours advance notice. Cancellation of a confirmed order with less than 72 hours advance notice will remain the responsibility of the client, for a portion of invoiced investment (minus supplies purchased and vendors paid).

For larger, contracted events, the terms of your catering agreement will outline cancellation, etc.

My wedding or banquet package comes with buffet style service. Does that mean it is "all you can eat"?

No. Buffet style service and an all you can eat buffet are very different. Although your wedding or banquet meal is served buffet style, there is still a fixed quantity of food prepared, based on the number of guests communicated in your final guest count. After all guests have been initially served once, we do not guarantee that guests will be able to enjoy a second serving from the buffet.

Can I keep any left over food at the end of my event?

No. Unlike a restaurant, catered food is often prepared well in advance of being served to guests, while still maintaining the quality and integrity of the food. Due to Health Department codes and insurance regulations, any and all leftover food items shall remain the property of Ebony Eyes Soul Food Event Catering.

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