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 Bread Puddings, Cobblers & Custards Bread Puddings: 

Seasonal Fruit or Berry Cobbler…$35.00 

Banana Pudding…$35.00 

Bread puddings, cobblers & banana pudding serve 10-12

1/2 pan sized 


Special Order Cupcake Prices Mini: $24.00 dozen, minimum order 3 dozen one flavor. 

Catering Size: $31.00 dozen, minimum order 2 dozen one flavor. 

Dessert Size: $34.00 dozen, minimum order, 1 dozen one flavor. 

Cupcakes are available in most cake flavors.


Strawberry, Apple, Sweet Potato, Chocolate, Banana, Coconut Cream…$45.00 

Cherry, Mud, Oreo Ice Cream, Chocolate, Bourbon, Bacon Pecan Pie…$47.00

Pound Cakes & Bundt Cakes –starting at $45.00
 Pound Cakes serve 10-12
Pumpkin Spice
Pineapple Upside Down Pound Cake 
Bourbon Pecan 
Lemon Thyme 
Sweet Potato 
Chocolate Espresso 
Decadent Chocolate 
Black Forrest 
Almond Amaretto 
Cranberry White Chocolate Spice 
Root Beer 
Chocolate Whiskey Cake 
Bourbon & Cola

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Cheesecakes … starting at $45. 00

Cheesecakes serve 10- 12

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Almond Amaretto: This dynamic duo makes for a special treat. 

Chocolate Hazelnut: Think Nutella. 

Key Lime: A taste of Key West 

Pumpkin Spice: A collision of cheese cake & pumpkin pie. 

Carrot Cake: Chunks of carrot cake folded into vanilla cheesecake. 

Chocolate Amaretto: Warm & rich. 

Peanut Butter: Every ”Big” Kids favorite. 

Banana Walnut: Fresh bananas & black walnuts on graham cracker crust. 

Brownie Chunk: Homemade brownies folded into vanilla cheesecake. 

Irish Cream: Real Bailey’s Irish Cream makes this cheesecake dreamy. 

Bourbon Pecan Pie: Bourbon spiked cheesecake with pecan pie topping. 

Strawberry Basil: Strawberry cheesecake & basil meet in the garden. 

White Chocolate with Cranberry Topping: A stunning holiday dessert. 

Tropical: Mango, coconut & banana will take you to the tropics. 


        To place your order call 832-781-0101

If you do not see your favorite dessert listed please feel free to request it...anyways. 

Best Gift Ever: 
Cake of the month for a year…$360.00 
6 Months of dessert bliss…$200.00