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Sold per guest, 12 guest minimum

HEALTHY START $8.35 Seasonal fresh cut fruit, assorted low fat yogurts and snack bars, bottled juices and water 

BAGEL BREAK $8.70 Assorted bagels served with preserves, seasonal fresh cut fruit with bottled juices and water

MAKE-YOUR-OWN YOGURT BAR $10.85 Breakfast bowl with low-fat organic yogurt, granola, dried cranberries, raisins, seasonal fruit and berries with assorted muffins, bottled juices and water

CONTINENTAL $12.65 Bakery fresh muffins, bagels, Danish, seasonal fresh cut fruit and condiments with bottled juices and water

Sold per guest, 12 guest minimum

THE ALL-AMERICAN BUFFET $14.60 Bakery fresh muffins and bagels with condiments CHOOSE ONE: Seasonal fresh cut fruit or bottled juices and water

CHOOSE ONE EGG SCRAMBLE: Plain or cheddar (Egg substitute scramble for $1.35 per guest) 

                                           Ham, breakfast sausage and cheese   or

                                           Bell pepper, onion, mushroom and provolone cheese 

CHOOSE ONE BREAKFAST POTATO: Home fries or red skin breakfast potatoes

CHOOSE TWO MEATS: Sausage links, smoked bacon or ham substitute turkey (chicken sausage for $0.30 per guest)

Other Breakfast Options

 To place your order call 832-781-0101

CLASSIC FRENCH TOAST $15.20 Cinnamon-battered with butter and maple syrup. Served with maple sausage, smoked bacon, seasonal fresh cut fruit, bottled juices and water

PRALINE FRENCH TOAST $15.95 Cinnamon-battered with butter and maple syrup. Topped with New Orleans pecan praline. Served with maple sausage, smoked bacon, seasonal fresh cut fruit, bottled juices and water

MAKE-YOUR-OWN BREAKFAST TACOS  $15.50 Scrambled eggs and sweet potato green chili hash served with warm flour and corn tortillas, pickled jalapenos, guacamole, Queso Fresco, shredded lettuce and salsa Verde, seasonal fresh cut fruit, bottled juices and water

BAGEL TRAY $6.20 pp (12 guest minimum)   Chef’s choice of assorted bagels and condiments 

MUFFIN TRAY $6.20 pp (12 guest minimum) Chef’s choice of assorted muffins and condiments 

BREAKFAST BREAD TRAY $6.50 pp (12 guest minimum)  Assorted fresh muffins, bagels, Danish and condiments 

BREAKFAST PASTRY TRAY $6.25 pp (12 guest minimum) Assorted muffins, pastries and condiments 

CHILLED HARD BOILED EGGS 12  minimum $1.10 ea.

 INDIVIDUAL YOGURTS $2.20 ea. Assorted flavors

INDIVIDUAL GREEK YOGURTS $2.85 ea. Assorted traditional European-style yogurt

YOGURT PARFAIT $5.50 pp (12 guest minimum) Choose one of our delicious yogurt parfaits served in individual cups with granola on the side.

CREATE-YOUR-OWN OATMEAL BAR $7.00 ea. (12 guest minimum) Delicious oatmeal with berries, brown sugar, chocolate chips, walnuts and dried cranberries

Sold per guest, 12 guest minimum

CLASSIC FRENCH TOAST $4.70 Cinnamon-battered with butter and maple syrup

PRALINE FRENCH TOAST $6.25 Cinnamon-battered with New Orleans pecan praline syrup

BREAKFAST CORNBREAD $3.75 Buttery cornbread with smoked bacon, chicken breakfast sausage, green onion and mixed cheese with maple syrup

 INDIVIDUAL QUICHE $7.25                                                             

12 guest minimum per flavor. 

Choose one of these classic    baked egg delicacies in flaky pastry shells: 

QUICHE LORRAINE Bacon, ham and swiss cheese  

QUICHE TUSCAN  Roasted roma tomatoes, roasted zucchini and parmesan cheese                                                

QUICHE CAMPAGNE Savory turkey sausage, roasted potatoes and queso fresco

SCRAMBLED EGGS [ PER TRAY ]                                                  SERVES 15-20 GUESTS

 Plain $53.50     
Cheddar cheese $53.50                                      
Farmer’s with ham sausage and cheese $54.25                    
Veggie with bell pepper, onion, mushroom and provolone cheese  $54.25 

 Sold per guest, 12 guest minimum (choose up to 3 selections)

BREAKFAST SANDWICH $4.40 Scrambled eggs on a toasted large English muffin with cheese

FLAT BREAD BREAKFAST SANDWICH $4.95 Scrambled eggs sautéed with diced tomatoes, bell pepper and onion 

For all handheld sandwiches: add bacon or ham for $2.10 each add turkey sausage for $2.60 each sandwiches individually wrapped

BREAKFAST WRAPS Wrapped in a tortilla with mild homemade salsa on the side 

AM WRAP $5.20 Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese

FARMER’S WRAP $6.25 Scrambled eggs, cheese, diced bacon, ham and maple sausage

GAUCHO WRAP $7.00 Baby spinach, crumbled tofu, green onion, chopped tomato and diced green chili

Sold per guest, 12 guest minimum

SMOKED BACON $3.35 Crisp bacon slices, 2 per guest

MAPLE SAUSAGE $2.35 Maple sausage links, 2 per guest

TURKEY SAUSAGE $2.50 Turkey sausage patties, 2 per guest

SMOKED HAM $3.20 Grilled ham slice, 1 per guest             

HOME FRIES $2.25 Cubed potatoes grilled with diced roasted red pepper and red onion

RED SKIN BREAKFAST POTATOES $2.25 Wedges of red bliss potatoes with fresh herbs and paprika

BISCUITS AND GRAVY $3.00 Buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy, 2 per guest

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